What do you look out for before buying a house? Perfect fit for family size, exquisite interior and exterior designs, wide garage space, kitchen layout, neighbourhood safety, or the best-in-class housing amenities. Name it. Like everyone else, you have your perfect wish list in mind.

To shift you out of this ‘wish mode’, D’avalon was birth out of the necessity of satisfying your cravings for a top-notch living experience.

A housing scheme by Sterling homes, D’avalon is equipped with 3 units of 3 Bedroom Terrace Duplexes with BQ. It is an arcade of magnificent housing features tailored to drive exceptional comfort, tranquillity, and an urban living experience for dwellers.

Check out these top three reasons that makes D’avalon a stunning home destination for every resident and an undoubtedly investment option to make;

  • Flexible payment plan

Housing is one of the three basic needs of man and it is the most important for the physical survival of man after the provision of food. However, affordable Housing provision has remained elusive to an average Nigerian. This factor identified has been a basic contributor to the flexible payment plan and package for D’avalon.

D’avalon is a luxurious home, affordable for dwellers.



(0 – 3 Months)           ₦40 Million (Outright)           –              ₦40 Million (Outright)


(3 – 6 Months)                      ₦5 Million                                      ₦7.5 Million for 5 Months        ₦42 Million


(12 Months)                    ₦3.5 Million                                            ₦3.5 Million

(Equal Installment over 11 Months)                                             ₦44 Million

  • Excellent Neighborhood/Landmark

The common mantra in real estate ‘good location’ is a factor inhibited in D’avalon. To enable dwellers, feel at home, D’avalon has been placed within the serviced residential surroundings of Beechwood Estate, Bogije, situated along the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

The estate has a well-planned layout and a few minutes drive to famous landmarks that highlight the prestige of this neighbourhood and gratify usage befits. They include Omu resort, Lakowe lakes, Mayfair estate and Greenspring school.

  • Quality building amenities: The quality building amenities in D’avalon play an important role in providing a sense of liveability for residents.

The sophisticated level of amenities in D’avalon such as Maximum security with high resolution CCTV systems, stylish designs with quality and beautiful finishing, massive bedrooms and living rooms, clean and safe water, high style family lounge, spacious balcony initiates the high degree of comfort, satisfaction and comfortability the residents of D’avalon will enjoy

That’s not all. There is an icing on the cake. For everyone looking to diversify their income, there is an added advantage of D’avalon.

  • Refer and earn: ‘Refer and Earn’ is an affiliate platform that guarantees up to ₦1,000,000 instant bonus on referrals to D’avalon. It is designed to create stable income generation and capital preservation for individuals who are looking to diversify their earnings

What do you think? Amazing, right?

We’re interested to get you on the path to these secured benefits of D’avalon. All you need do is to call us on 0802 7777 141 or 0706 107 5427