Factors That Can Devalue a Good Home

March 24, 2022by Sterling Homes0

How long do you want your house ownership to last?

The biggest investment to successful homeownership and working the real estate market for personal gain is understanding property value.

Letting a house slip into disrepair is a surefire way to decrease its value. So, if you want a long-lasting one as I do, get rid of factors that reduce the value of your home.

The good thing is that most of these factors are under your control, as a homeowner. It’s therefore, crucial to be aware of these factors and how to weed them out often.

Plumbing conditions

Plumbing conditions are not a rare case. Fixtures like faucets, handles, sprayers, and even toilets and sinks last a long time, but they don’t stay nice for as long as they last. When they crumble, it can drag down the value of your home.

Situations like cracks or leaks in water pipes are caused by pressure changes, that are due to the accumulation of debris, waste, and other discarded materials.

While these conditions usually occur, they are enough reasons to decrease your home value when unrepaired.

 Bad Ceilings

Just having cracked ceilings can decrease the value of the home by simply making it less appealing. Bugs, dust, and dirt can all detract from the appearance of your ceiling.

If you have ceiling damage, it’s important to repair it, immediately rather than trying to hide it behind texture that eventually reduces your home’s worth.

Peeling Paint

Needless to say, paint plays a big part in curb appeal. If your house is in desperate need of a fresh coat, that flaw could be wreaking havoc on your home’s value. Just like the effect a poorly maintained yard can have on potential buyers, paint that is old, faded, cracked, or peeled can give people negative feelings about your house.

Cluttered Interior

Is your home cluttered with your possessions? Is it too personalized with many family pictures on the walls? Is it unclean or dimly lit? If your answer is yes, be prepared to settle for a home with a degrading value.

For a complete reversal of draining value factors, you should constantly;

  • Replace the pipes and other more entrenched plumbing features with new, attractive, and stain-resistant fixtures.
  • Wipe dirty ceilings with a dry microfiber cloth, regularly.
  •  You can plan to repaint your walls and ceilings every 3 to 5 years to improve your home appeal.

It could be worth your time to look into what’s currently popular in landscaping and practice.

From time to time, take a thorough inspection down to the little fixture details in your home.

Poorly maintained homes have little to recommend them and slash out a considerable amount from your home’s value. From unappealing renovations to an unfortunately placed sinkhole, numerous other factors can devalue your greatest investment. Get rid of them at any slight showcase!


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