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Types of Real Estate in Nigeria

Types of Real Estate Investment in Nigeria: In Nigeria, growing urbanization and economic development have presented a wide range of investment opportunities, particularly for those in the real estate market. From bustling cities to serene countryside, Nigeria’s real estate market is a complex landscape encompassing various property types, each with its potential for profits. To...

Legal Duties of Landlords in Nigeria

Tenants have the primary duty to pay rent at the appropriate time, so does a landlord has the primary duties he must adhere to. The role of a landlord is vital, there is a marked difference between what people believe a landlord does and what a landlord actually does. This is because, in the business...

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in D’avalon

What do you look out for before buying a house? Perfect fit for family size, exquisite interior and exterior designs, wide garage space, kitchen layout, neighborhood safety, or the best-in-class housing amenities. Name it. Like everyone else, you have your perfect wish list in mind. To shift you out of this ‘wish mode’, D’avalon was...


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