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Why You Need A House Inspection Before Buying A Property

Inspection is important when getting a new property because it provides an opportunity to carefully assess the condition and value…

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Factors To Consider When Moving In To Your New Home

You’ve finally gotten a property you can call home. We know the hassle you must have passed through  during your…

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How To Spot A Property With A High Investment Opportunity

Real estate has a proven track record of having a high return on investment and as such provides opportunities for…

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Cost Saving Tips For Renovating Your Home

You have quite a comfortable space you call a home but it has become outdated and you have it in…

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Interesting ways to make money with your home

Your home is a legitimate source of income. Most of the time, you can earn money from this without expending…

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Why You Need to Obtain the Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy is deemed one of the most important documents of a landowner in Nigeria. Issued by the…

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Guide for Every Homeowner to Prepare For The Rainy Season

The smell of fresh rain will transport you to a whole new world. ​The rainy season brings pleasant weather. At…

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Key Steps to Successfully Become a Long Distance Landlord

If you’re contemplating becoming a long-distance landlord, it can be challenging. Long-distance landlords often aren’t able to visit their lettings regularly….