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Why You Need A House Inspection Before Buying A Property

Inspection is important when getting a new property because it provides an opportunity to carefully assess the condition and value…

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How To Spot A Property With A High Investment Opportunity

Real estate has a proven track record of having a high return on investment and as such provides opportunities for…

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Cost Saving Tips For Renovating Your Home

You have quite a comfortable space you call a home but it has become outdated and you have it in…

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Interesting ways to make money with your home

Your home is a legitimate source of income. Most of the time, you can earn money from this without expending…

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Guide for Every Homeowner to Prepare For The Rainy Season

The smell of fresh rain will transport you to a whole new world. ​The rainy season brings pleasant weather. At…

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Key Steps to Successfully Become a Long Distance Landlord

If you’re contemplating becoming a long-distance landlord, it can be challenging. Long-distance landlords often aren’t able to visit their lettings regularly….

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4 Signs That You are Ready to Become a Landlord and Stop Renting

Chances are that you would have thought of taking the leap into homeownership if you are a renter. The decision…

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Sterling Homes Expands Services to Rwanda to Deepen Sustainable Real Estate Development

Sterling Homes, Nigeria’s leading property development company has added yet another feather to its cap. The company has now expanded…