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Sustainable Real Estate: Paving The Way for A Greener Future

Discover the role of sustainability in Real Estate investment: In recent times, the real estate industry has undergone a transformative shift toward sustainability. This is largely influenced by the growing environmental concerns, regulatory changes, and evolving preferences of individuals. Sustainable real estate, also known as green real estate, goes beyond conventional building techniques. It produces...

Millennials and Real Estate Investment

Millennials are a significant segment of today’s population that is highly investing in real estate. They are characterized by their technological aptitude, worldly mindset, frugality and penchant for experiences rather than possessions. As they reach their peak earning years, millennials are actively seeking opportunities to invest in real estate as it offers tangible assets, stable...

6 Benefits of Real Estate Investing

Real estate investments have existed for so many years but not everyone has tapped into this. There are so many financial potentials for investing in real estate. Imagine the benefits of investing in real estate, do you think you would be able to retire comfortably when the time comes? Real estate investing when done correctly,...

Cost Saving Tips For Renovating Your Home

You have quite a comfortable space you call a home but it has become outdated and you have it in your gut feeling that it’s time to make a few changes and add a little touch up here and there which involves a process called Home Renovation. Home Renovation can either be commercial or residential...

Sterling Homes drives real estate expansion in Nigeria, Launches Two new estates in Lekki and Osogbo

To consolidate its efforts in tackling the housing deficit in the country, Nigeria’s property development company, Sterling Homes has launched two new housing projects named GEMS Court and The Duchess located in Osogbo GRA and Bogije, Lekki respectively. According to the company, the project was instigated by the rapid urbanization experienced across the nation, which has made...


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