5 Amazing Perks Of Owning The Duchess Property

June 25, 2024by Sterling Homes0

Everyone dreams of owning a property they can be proud of. What is the essence of owning a property that is not worth showing off?

This is why you should invest in a property that is worth your effort as well as the money invested.

The Duchess is one of those properties, the perfect abode that will offer you a quality and timeless moments


The Duchess  

The Duchess is a residential property developed by Sterling Homes Limited. It is located at Bogije, Lekki, one of the most affluent areas in the heart of Lagos state, Nigeria.

The Duchess comprises a 4 bedroom Terrace Duplex with BQ. The property has the most sophisticated features and facilities, with stylish interior and exterior designs. It is a perfect option for a family seeking for property with a secured, comfortable and child friendly environment.


Why You Should Invest In The Duchess.
  1. Property Location: The Duchess is situated at a location in Lagos state, Nigeria, befitting of its name ‘Duchess’. The area boasts of beautiful edifice with eco-friendly features offering a much needed comfort and tranquility to its residents. 

As a property location is one of the factors that affect its value in the market. It is important that you invest in property located in areas with infrastructural and industrial development as well as easy access to essential social amenities.

The Duchess property location is just a few minutes drive away from the Omu resort, Lakowe lake, Greenspring schools, Mayfair estate and other amazing places for your benefit.

2. Property Structure: The Duchess building is crafted with contemporary architectural design with exceptional finishing. Every curve, detail and fixture at the Duchess is expertly curated for comfort, security, and a child friendly environment.

This tailor-made edifice is the base of utmost sophistication with features and facilities such as; Maximum CCTV system, massive bedrooms, stylish exterior and interior designs, spacious balcony amongst others.

3. Complete Documentation: One important thing that confirms a person’s ownership title to a property is the property legally recognised document. The Duchess property has a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) title, which will be issued to you once a purchase agreement is reached. 

4. Apartment Features: The Duchess has many beneficial features meant to cater to the well-being and comfort of the property residents. The Property features include but is not limited to;

  • CCTV Security Systems: The Duchess property is surrounded by maximum security with high resolution CCTV systems. This is to safeguard the lives and properties of its residents.
  • Clean Water System/Treatment: The water supplied to each resident apartment is safely managed and clean for use.
  • Exterior And Interior Finishes: The property is structured in stylish designs with quality and beautiful finishing.
  • Large Living Area: The property has a spacious living room and bedroom for its resident comfort. It also has a zen balcony as well as a family lounge for leisure and relaxation in high style.

5. Affordable Price: This Duchess is one of the most affordable fully equipped properties you can invest in. The property acquisition has a flexible payment plan system of up to nine (9) months. 

The block A is selling for an outright price of NGN 53,500,000 while the block B and C is selling for an outright price of NGN 52,000,000. You can spread any of this price payment with the Smart (up to 3 months), Flex (up to 6 months) or Easy (up to 9 months) payment plan system.


Sterling Homes Limited is a  real estate company focused on the need to increase access to home ownership for the average citizen and create better living experiences for people in a secure community.

We are building communities for families, retirees, return-seeking investors (both local & international) and professionals, from our inception in 2014 till now, we have housed over 5000 people across Nigeria and we plan to do much more.

Our purpose at Sterling Homes is creating communities where people thrive and in order to do this, they must know they are safe, important and loved.

You can check out our affordable housing and land projects available for acquisition at Sterling Homes.


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We are focused on the need to increase access to home ownership for the average citizen and create a better living experience for people in a secure community.

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