How Important is Location in Your Real Estate Investment?

January 31, 2022by Sterling Homes0

If you have to mention those property features you can always change, then you will be having a lot to mention. The one thing that will never be on this list is the location of your property.

The catchphrase “location, location, location” is still prime in real estate investment. One of the key reasons for this is that demand is oftentimes dependent on the desirability of location. On the other hand, the scale of demand influences real estate prices.

For you as a real estate investor or a prospect, as it may be, this means increased demand will be tantamount to high cash flow if your property is rightly located.

Today, 60% of buyers are Millennials. One easy way to get a clue of the right location is if millennials are attracted to this area.

Other than this simple clue, the following factors should help you determine the rightfulness of your home’s location;


Being in an accessible location makes it a whole lot easier for you. Your property should be connected with a good road network. This is one big factor you can’t avoid for your commercial real estate. Customers want to feel safe when they come into your store, even when they come along with their children.

Also, make sure you choose a location that people don’t mind going to, with any means of transport.


The occurrence of man-made or extracted substances in the environment can be a threat to human health. If your prospective home happens to be close to a dusty highway or an industrial unit that emits undesirable chemical smells, then it’s a bad option for you.

In this case, a voluntary measure to avoid these threats is to locate your property in a pollutant-free environment.

Growth and development

When you enter the property buying process, look on the high side. Check to see the possibility of an expansion plan in your neighborhood. This includes an analysis of the site’s population, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities.

If the location does not have the plans of developing infrastructures, as time passes by, then your property is prone to depreciate. This location shouldn’t be an option to consider. The closer you are to the convenient hot spots, the better your location and the likelier your property will appreciate in the future. 

Neighborhood safety

Overall, your safety in this location should be a determinant before investing in any real estate property.

Location is key to valuable real estate investment. The location of your home determines its price. The increased potentials in the location guarantee your experience of great appreciation.

At Sterling Homes, all properties have been located in serene locations that exhibit the above qualities and are suitable for you.






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