Why a Home Insurance is Important For You

January 11, 2022by Sterling Homes0

The high yields accrued from your home should propel you to insure your investment properly.

In a survey published in the Journal of Financial Planning, most homeowners have a misguided conception of what their homeowners’ insurance actually covers.

Proximately, the statistical analysis published in the International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis showed were that 62.9 percent of homeowners in Ire‐Akari and Ikeja areas of Lagos State in Nigeria agreed to the essentials of property insurance. However, only 40.3 percent of these homeowners claimed to have insured their properties against unforeseen property losses.

Invariably, these research indications portray that insurance culture is highly deficient at the expense of the high rate of the tragedies of fire raze, windstorms, theft, and building collapse.

A standard homeowners insurance provides you with financial protection in the event of a disaster or accident. This event may include your home and belongings in form of appliances, furniture, family heirlooms, and other movable contents.

Aside from the major benefit of protecting your main dwelling, homeowners insurance covers an extensive package for the risk of personal liability. For example, if a person spills down your stairs during the visit, you can be legally charged with large sums for medical expenses. At this point, your personal liability coverage in the components of your homeowner’s insurance can save you by the bell from unexpected expenses.

Considering this practical benefit should change your thought towards insuring your home.

However, you need to take inventory of all the appliances, furniture, electronics, and other personal property inside your home for the ease of filing an insurance claim.

A home inventory can be as simple as a written list, pictures, or video. In your preference for a written list, your contents should contain information on item description (the serial or model number, if any), estimated value, date of purchase, place of purchase, and transaction ID of item receipt.

Without much ado for misplaced jottings, you can use a home inventory app for item compilation, as well.

Then, a home inventory gives you a head start for your partial or full reimbursement, in tandem with your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Insurance providers, on the other hand, have various coverage for home insurance policies. These vary from a comprehensive insurance policy or basic/named perils insurance policy.

A comprehensive policy is the most inclusive home insurance policy that covers the building and its belongings for all risks.

Alternatively, basic or named Perils policy only covers the loss of perils specifically stated in the policy plan.

Most of all, the essentials for a homeowner insurance plan lie in the flexibility and long-term benefits that offer maximum coverage for the future.

While the coverage of homeowners insurance policy might vary, seek professional guidance selecting the right policy and the appropriate amount of coverage fit for your insurance plan.











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