How To Spot A Property With A High Investment Opportunity

November 11, 2022by Sterling Homes0

Real estate has a proven track record of having a high return on investment and as such provides opportunities for realtors and investors. There’s always a property up for sale and a realtor interested in acquisition but then again how can one tell what property has a high investment opportunity?

First off, it is important to note that real estate requires a smart investment strategy  therefore spotting a property with high a investment opportunity is all about having a detailed understanding of the real estate market whilst having an objective assessment of your finances and goals so as to make the right choice.

While trying to spot a property with a high investment opportunity and making the right choice there are a few factors to consider and they include; 


Location can be quite tricky because there’s a thin line between an urban, developed area and a rural or upcoming neighborhood with potential of a growth value. Though the already developed environment is easily sought after in as much as it comes at a higher cost, the up and coming neighborhood should not be discarded especially if it has a growth value. To find out if a property’s location has a growth value, do a research on its surroundings, its demographic, lifestyle of people who live there, the area’s reputation, the level of development as well as availability and proximity of amenities such as schools, roads, electricity, restaurants, church, airports. Asides from online research, Information concerning a property can also be gotten by speaking to the locals of the area. They always have the best knowledge of the location and such information would help you gain better knowledge of the property as well as decide if the property is a worthy investment. 

Properties acquire their primary value and appreciation from location make sure to pay close attention to the level of development in such locations. 

Property Value 

Another factor that determines whether a property has the possibilities of developing into a high investment opportunity is its value. Make sure to run a background check on the intended property before making any purchase. It is also advised to check all places within the property, for instance places beyond reach like the kitchen sink cupboards, taps, wardrobe etc. this usually helps to estimate how well the property has been built. Look out for the quality of the building as well as its facilities. Reports have it that properties with better facilities and amenities have a high potential of appreciation. So make sure to ask all necessary questions. 

Market Value 

The investment opportunity of a property is also determined by the value of the market at that point in time. It is proper to say that market value always undergoes changes and is mostly due to the economic conditions and affects the price of the property.

For situations where the properties are high, investing in real estate might not be might advised but for instances where the national currency is continuous to lose its value, investing in real estate is the best way to go

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Population Growth

When there’s an influx of new residents to a location, there’s usually an increase in value of real estate properties within that proximity. This is due to the fact that an increase in population is usually caused by a new development in such area or emerging development which could be, construction of a factory, roads, availability of resources or electricity, water etc. When searching for properties with high investment opportunities, take into consideration not just neighborhoods or environs that are developed but also neighborhoods that are drifting towards becoming developed and prime. Population growth is a strong indication of an interim development.

Return on investment 

One major method of pointing out the investment worthy nature of a property is running the numbers. What is the possibility of recovering your capital investments within a period of 10 years or less. You can do this by dividing 10 years by the capital value and calculating if the amount can get you the rental income annually with profits. A property with good investment opportunities is one which you can regain the amount invested accompanied with profits in the space of 10 years. 


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