Cost Saving Tips For Renovating Your Home

November 11, 2022by Sterling Homes0

You have quite a comfortable space you call a home but it has become outdated and you have it in your gut feeling that it’s time to make a few changes and add a little touch up here and there which involves a process called Home Renovation.

Home Renovation can either be commercial or residential and it entails creating something new or bringing your home’s building and space back to life. It is important to note that home innovation doesn’t just involve fixing outdated amenities in your home like plumbing, repairing the roof or fixing electrical appliances but instead it’s all about setting up an all new inventory to make your home beautiful and comfortable to live in. 

Most Homeowners do not take the idea of Home Renovation into consideration because of the cost scare, a considerable amount of Homeowners believe it is an expensive engagement but we would like to hit on the fact that their are cost effective steps one can take to achieve a home renovation without draining his/her finances and they include;

Consider The Kind Of Renovation You want

If you simply want to do a makeover, home renovations are not so expensive but for cases where you intend to carry out a major renovation which involves  changing layouts or the structure of your home’s building, you would need to work with a certain budget since you would be needing the expertise of a professional.  It is therefore important to navigate and understand what type of renovation it is you have in mind before making any grand plan concerning your budget. 

Decide on your top renovation needs and priorities 

Map out why you want to renovate. Remodeling your home obviously came out of a knack for a need that wasn’t being met. Once you have that need figured out, it becomes your major goal and it would help you access your top needs and priorities and invest in them. This need could be more space, an updated ambiance or even a rearrangement of your home’s outlook. Whatever that need is, be sure to pinpoint them out; this would help you stay focused on your goal without getting side tracked with other projects that are of less importance. 

Create and Stick To a Budget 

To stick to a budget, create a spreadsheet and add everything you would need to it. Profiling your renovation materials would assist in highlighting the areas that consume a lot from your budget as well as analyze the level of its importance towards your renovation project. Adjustments can be made by taking out unnecessary items, prioritizing investment on the most important and spending less on the less important materials. Reserving 10% on unplanned budgets is also advised. 

Initiate a DIY ( Do It Yourself) 

It is true that while renovating, some tasks can prove to be complex and need the handling of a professional, Yes!. But there are also other little tasks that you can take up and perform in order to save cost. Tasks like cleaning up, painting prepping surfaces will help you get a step ahead and save some labor cost. This is highly advisable if you pay per hour. Avoid jobs that require the hand of profession even if you know how to, to avoid accidents. 

With this being said, keep in mind that it is important to not go above your budget which is why it is advised that a 10% budget is set aside for unexpected expenses in order to manage situations leading to unplanned spending.  Pan out effective and cost effective ways to remodel and renovate your home. For instance cases where you would hire an interior decorator, you can manage the interior decoration yourself. 

Reuse Materials

Another significant way to save cost is reusing some appliances and household amenities. This is most effective in kitchen renovation for instance, for doors installation, you can change the knob if broken or damaged but not the door especially if it’s still fine. You can also consider changing the panes of windows if damaged but not the frame.

And as for items that are still very much good and useful but you still strongly intend to change them, it is important to sell them as it would help your project financially. Sales of materials also involves things you are not using. While on the topic of cost management, tools can also be rented especially if these tools wouldn’t be used again any time soon. 




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