Best Neighborhoods in Nigeria to Invest in Real Estate

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There’s no doubt that real estate is one of the best methods to build long-term wealth. At the same time,  it’s important to consider the location of your investment.

This is because the location is a key factor that determines your return on investment. Investing in a good location would generate appreciating wealth upon your investment.

Do you want to build your real estate investment in Lagos state? Check out these neighborhoods suitable for your real estate investment.


Lekki, Lagos is peddled as the next gold mine in Nigerian real estate. Its land value increases exponentially and this can be hinged on the massive industrialized development and expansion of road networks in its neighborhood.

Therefore, by buying Jewel Gardens in Eleko, Lekki, a development of Sterling Homes, for the current prices for which they are sold, you will be able to put the land for sale for at least double the price this time next year.

You have the likes of Eko Tourist Beach Resort and Lekki Free Trade Zone within a short distance of Jewels Garden. If you love sightseeing, then Lekki is the perfect fit for your property investment.

Interestingly, you can spread as far as twelve years, making the burden of owning this property easier to bear.


Many Lagosians refer to Ikorodu city as not being a part of Lagos, especially due to its lack of bubbly sensation and geographical extreme location. The question is where is Ikorodu situated? Ikorodu occupies the northeast zone of Lagos, along the Lagos lagoon sharing a defined boundary with Ogun State.  There are two major districts: Ikorodu Rural District, which has 57 towns, and Irepodun District, comprising 66 towns.

Over time, Ikorodu has been a strategic vantage city for investment boost, considering its vast land mass, natural terrain, and topography for high net-worth individuals.

Situated in Agbowa, Ikorodu is one of Sterling Homes’ landed properties for sale, Moriah Parks and Gardens. This 648 sqm plot size at Moriah Parks and Gardens is well-positioned just a few minutes from Lagos State Government Housing Estate, Lagos State Resettlement Center, and one of the top-ranking private universities in Nigeria, Caleb University.

We allow installment payments to be made, allowing clients to spread out their payments for up to 10 months.

Atan, Ota

If your choice is owning some plots of land in a business environment, Mowe qualifies. Mowe is on the outskirts of Lagos, with the Redemption Camp, along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, serving as a landmark.

At the present, this neighborhood is a conglomerate of 14 communities and a fastly growing location opening up for modern kinds of development that are attracting economic activities.

Gradually becoming the bustling new-found town in Ogun, Nigeria, Mowe is now an investible site for investors to reap economic gains and value increases.

Alongside, the price and value of land in this location have gradually increased which makes it profitable to build and rent in this location.

For you, we have two invisible properties in this location, Duke’s Park and Havilah parks and Gardens. We are currently selling a plot (648 sqm) for this location at 1 million while a 400sqm goes for 1.5 million, respectively.

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