5 Reasons You Should Live in a Community with Homes Owners Association

June 15, 2022by Sterling Homes0

If you had ever wondered why a community association should exist, community associations were initially formed in residential developments to maintain the common property as well as to overtime increase the values of the dwellings built within the development.

While the Home Owner Association (HOA) will at times spare the homeowner from some responsibilities, they can also come with some obligatory rules. Although these rules are deemed restrictive, they also serve to protect the current and future value of your greatest asset, your home.

Let me take you through the benefits of living in a community with a Home Owner Association.

  • Retained property value

The prime benefit of living under a well-managed home owner’s association is the constancy of property values.

A board exists to assist you in protecting your investment and ensuring that it retains its worth. Laws governing the upkeep of lawns, dwellings, and personal property must be followed by all residents. This is not only for the advantage of the homeowner but also for the community as a whole. Board members live in the same community as you and are as invested in its success as you are.

  • Engagement

In a community with an HOA, there’s something for everyone to do. From volunteering works to board meetings and committee involvement, neighbors can get together, meet each other, create personal bonds, and do good for their community. It’s an environment that fosters engagement in fun activities and association duties.

Ultimately, these community activities increase the pride of ownership and HOA membership within the community.

  • Access to amenities

In recent times, residents have come to expect HOAs to provide neighborhood amenities they can enjoy. So, you can be sure to discover community amenities that suit your lifestyle. Walking routes, pools, leisure facilities, gyms, and parks are all common attractions in many neighborhoods with an HOA. The existence of a Home Owner Association builds a community that’s great for families, elders, and young adults and a place where you can feel at ease.

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  • Ethical Compliance

The existence of a homeowner association in a community isn’t just to maintain good looks. There are standards residents must comply with. This includes the avoidance of any unruly behavior, whether it’s a rowdy late-night party in someone’s backyard or a flagrant disregard for architectural regulations. A board has been established to settle neighborly disagreements and to provide punishments when things go wrong.

HOA communities are well-kempt. Community upkeep by management is standard in most HOA neighborhoods.

By paying a little extra every month, homeowners within the community might not have to mow, trim their hedges, or pressure wash their driveways, for example. These benefits can take regular yard work off the to-do list of homeowners.

Moreso, the ambiance of trimmed trees, blooming flowers, and a garbage-free landscape drive harmony and peace within the community.


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