The Best Time To Buy A House

October 14, 2021by Sterling Homes0

Is there a best time to buy a house? Yes, there are times that you’re much more likely to get a money-saving deal than others. Knowing when to buy can save you thousands on the price of a new house and its furnishing.

When it comes to buying a house, conventional wisdom would have us believe dry season is the prime purchasing months. The sun is shining, gardens are in bloom and “For Sale” signs start to pop up on house fences and gates but perhaps we’re missing out on the best season of them all.

Consequently, the real estate market tends to slow down in the rainy season months, with many of us choosing the warmth of our own homes over trekking around looking at potential properties. Although waiting until the dry season to purchase a home seems much more enticing, but there are some great reasons why buying in the rainy season can be the best option for you. If you’re getting ready to buy a house be sure to consider shopping around these times to get the best possible price.

In the following sections, we’ll look at why rainy season is the best time to buy a house, and why they offer savings.

There Are Fewer Buyers

The number one reason why you buying a home in the rainy season is the best is because there are fewer buyers! As a buyer, you want to be special – you want to walk into a home and have the owner to be excited that you are there. During the dry season, there is no shortage of potential buyers, meaning that in more vibrant markets you face competition. More potential customers increase the possibility of a bidding war. You may even struggle to get an opportunity to make an offer, as houses are snatched off the market at record speed.

In the rainy season, sellers will get less attention and in turn will be more eager to work with you. The laws of supply and demand are always at work in real estate sales. The current inventory of homes for sale will always have a bearing on how the real estate market is fairing.

If you  buy a home in the rainy season and there happens to be a ton of homes for sale you may get an even better deal!

You May Get A Better Deal

If there are fewer buyers in the market, then you may be able to get a better price on the home you do buy. The seller will not have as many offers and may be willing to negotiate a better price to make the sale. There is no guarantee that you will find something for a steal, but the natural flow of supply and demand will increase your odds of finding a home for a fair price in the rain.

Getting a better price for a home is even more likely if the owners home has been on the market for a while. With a long rainy day ahead of them, sellers may be more willing to discount their price to get their home sold.

You Get To See The Defects Of The House

Depending on the market you are buying in, the rainy season may be the toughest season for a home. The cold, moisture and wind will test the ability of the home to insulate and protect its residents, something that you want to know about if you are going to buy. If the insulation is no good, for instance, you are more likely to notice it as you view the home.

Serious problems are also more liable to appear as well like flood. Such information can be extremely useful in your decision making and your negotiations about the final price of the home.

If you find the home to be drafty for some reason, it might make sense to get all the problems fixed before purchasing the home. Buying a home during the rainy season affords you the opportunity to discover these things which otherwise might not happen in a warm weather season.

Realtors are more cooperative

If you want realtors to work double-time for your sake, go house hunting during the rainy season. There are fewer buyers in the market, which means fewer people are requesting for their undivided attention. At this time of the year, sales will be pretty thin for your realtor, which means he/she will have the time luxury to negotiate in your favour.

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