5 Ways to Sell Your House Fast

September 23, 2021by Sterling Homes0

Eventually, and for any of many reasons, you have put your house up for sale and it has been on the market for months, without any progress.

If you want to make the most money selling your house, you need to think like a salesperson. Doing your homework, paying attention to the fine details, and taking the right steps ahead of time will save you plenty of hassles when it is time to close deals.

There are a variety of house-selling mistakes that could cost you money. You can spend too much money on the selling process itself or invest too much into fixing the house. On the other hand, not knowing the value of your house and how to negotiate properly could result in a losing deal. If you aren’t cautious, you could be overwhelmed.

Above are just a few of the many errors sellers can make. In this article, we will discuss a multitude of potential errors and explain how to avoid them.

Get yourself set

You can’t sell it if you can’t show it. Be available for people to inspect your house, and if you can’t always do it, ask a real estate agent to jump in. Make sure you have the right housing documents so you don’t encounter problems after the deal is done. Have the title of your property in hand, as well as any paperwork confirming you have the legal rights to transfer ownership to the buyer.

Figure out your price

Compare your house honestly with others like it for sale near you.  Look up the property value online–not to be confused with the price values you’d expect when you go through a real estate agent.  Set a price that will make your house stand out from the others, and even still, be open to the idea that people will still try to knock down the price regardless.

Get the house ready

When you’re trying to sell fast, extensive detailing might not be in the cards. Give it a good painting at least, and give the interior a good once-over. Make little upgrades, paint, fix anything that is broken and clean your yard. If you don’t have time or funds to correct all maintenance or repairs, at least list the items.

Put it out there

Take some good photos outside and in, and post them with your ad. Have a For Sale sign on the house. A Facebook post, Tweet or YouTube video might net a buyer who wouldn’t have seen your house for sale elsewhere.  Asking friends to spread the word can also work well.

Try a real estate agent

Real estate agents are often on the lookout for fresh properties for sale, and now online real estate sites are doing it, too. Agents are crucial to accessing these buyers who are shopping with other agents. Your real estate agent might collect a certain percentage after sales, but it’s better to enjoy the convenience of a fast sale.


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