Major Causes of Building Collapse

February 27, 2023by Sterling Homes0

Building collapse can be as a result of any number of reasons. Some are man-made reasons while others are natural in nature. Usually, we can do a lot to prevent our buildings from collapsing, especially when it is as a result of an artificial factor. However, natural disasters like the earthquake, tsunami, floods and the likes can not be stopped, some of them can be controlled.

Luckily for us in Nigeria, we are not burdened with so many natural disasters, hence, most of our building collapse are as a result of human errors and negligence.

This blog would be talking about the various reasons for building collapse in Nigeria:

Weak Foundations
Strong foundation is essential for the overall structural integrity
of a building. When the suitability of the terrain and soil’s bearing capacity isn’t conducted, it sets the pace for a weak foundation. In the long run,
foundations resting on poor soil or at low depth result in the movement of the building as the soil settles eventually.

Poor Maintenance
No building can exist throughout its lifespan without the need for one
form of maintenance or the other. Poor maintenance culture would result in decay, degradation, and reduced performance, that leads the building structure to collapse over time.

Absence of Building or Planning Permit
It is illegal to commence construction works without approved drawings from the approving authorities. When developers bypass the appropriate bodies for approval, defective designs and drawings aren’t vetted, and are initiated into construction. The result is a shoddy performance which can lead to building collapse.

Defective Construction
Sometimes, in a bid to maximize profit, contractors fail to carry out the project by architects’ and engineers’ specifications. The non-adherence to these specifications can be major contributor to structural failures of buildings.

Nigerian Building Collapses

  • 199 people died in four Nigerian collapsed buildings between 2014 and 2016, according to the Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute.
  • 2012: 33 building collapses in Lagos and 22 in Abuja, according to housing ministry figures
  • 2013: 17 building collapses in Lagos and 20 in Abuja
  • 2014: 13 building collapse in Lagos and two in Abuja
  • More than 54 cases of collapsed buildings were recorded in 2017 across Nigeria
  • The latest collapse was the third so far in 2019

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