How To Ensure Safety And Security In Your Estates

February 27, 2023by Sterling Homes0

Housing projects are the norm today, with many developers coming up with big and small residential projects almost on a daily basis.

Nowadays, property investors prefer to invest their money in housing projects rather than individual houses, owing to world-class amenities, swanky neighbourhoods, & state-of-art-security measures in place.

The crime rate is at an all-time high & criminals are becoming bolder day by day. In such a scenario, it is essential to ensure that the housing projects you are about to invest in have proper security measures in place to ensure the safety of residents.

To ensure safety and security, you need to put these measures in place as a developer;

Do Regular Site Inspections

Make sure to check the entire site and parameter fence, both internally and externally at least once a month, for any breakages, damage to parameter wires, faulty cameras, entrance gates, and security beams. The purposes of these inspections are to identify visible risks and problems and to correct or repair them timeously.

Use Reliable Guarding Companies

It is of critical importance that you award the monthly security and guarding contract, where applicable, to reputable and accredited security companies. As many of the security procedures and responses rely on competent and well trained security staff, it is vital that the service provider invests in the necessary accreditations and industry norms to ensure maximum competence to your estate.

Fences can help deter unwanted visitors, if you have flowers planted, you must have them properly trimmed some that there will be a fewer place for criminals to hide. However, these crime prevention measures can get pretty expensive sometimes. You can utilize the free tips in our articles if you want to stave off property crime if landscaping or fence construction is not in your current budget.

Install a security system
Lastly, one of the surest options for crime prevention in your estate and community is to get a home security system and use it properly. You can contact a security consultant to do a security assessment of your estate and have them suggest the best security system for your estate.

The safety of property buyers and developers is of utmost importance to us. We urge real estate developers to carry out due diligence before embarking on any development project.

Finally, as real estate experts, we would continue to lend our voice in the mitigation and management of insecurity challenges in real estate as well as the enhancement of real estate development for the growth and development of the country.

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