Indicators That Should Make You Move to a New Home

July 7, 2022by Sterling Homes0

Buying a house is both exhilarating and scary but we are faced with a clear-cut option to reconsider our living arrangements.

So, if you frequently find yourself wondering, “Should I buy a house?” you’re not alone. Moreso, the National Association of Realtors recorded that the average homeowner lives in their home for about 10 years before selling.

At times, one can be moved with uncertainty about whether or not to move to a new home, out of familiarity with the current home setting.

If you are one of those, We have curated several factors that indicate an ideal time to buy a home. They are;

Need for Bigger Size & Space

Small home spaces become dysfunctional when family size begins to grow. The storage room become choked up, your children are outgrowing the one-bedroom and are vying for their private spaces.

At this point, having each space that fits into each member’s lifestyle should come into view; a playground for your toddler, a lounge for your aging parents, and a workstation for you.

It could be time to start thinking of upsizing your home. You are getting more square footage and potentially more rooms when you upsize – from an empty nester seeking room for entertaining to a couple looking to start a family – the added space will be a bonus on your new journey.

Family Time

It’s interesting to host family gatherings or holidays, overnight guests, larger eating, and socialize with one another without feeling crowded. If your current abode isn’t giving you enough space for that, you might want to consider relocating to a bigger home.


Outgrowing Your Starter Home

Most millennials start their independent living experience by purchasing a starter home. They are usually not luxurious but owned on the affordability of purchase, often using a combination of savings and mortgage financing.

After a few years of improved financial capacity for mortgage management, and household maintenance, having established some equity in your property, you could be ready to move to a house that satisfies your needs and wants.

Moving into a new house that better fulfills your needs and wants can have a huge impact on your life.

Neighborhood Decline

If you’re concerned that your neighborhood has taken a turn for the worst and you’re observing more graffiti on the walls, rising crime rates, or unemployment concerns quietly creeping up, it might be a smart turn to move to sell it and move to a new home.

Research suggests that the neighborhood in which one grows up is a major determinant of economic success in adulthood. This insight should make you disentangle from a bad neighborhood and move to a new space of living.

Essentials Upgrade

If you want to add your own touches to your home – a new build, a fashionable design, a convenient layout, a modern décor, advanced home systems, and attractive features, it could be time to move up to a new house.

You can have complete control over everything with new build houses, from planning the layout to suit your family’s requirements to adding amenities like cutting-edge kitchen appliances to comfortable heated floors and towel racks.

It is possible that your former residence has drawbacks for a member with a health challenge. Niche upgrades are one of the fun aspects of new construction since, in the end, your fingerprints are all over the house plans.

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