Building a House vs. Buying a House

September 12, 2022by Sterling Homes0

Probably wondering, is it better to build or buy a house? One of the very first decisions homeowners need to make is whether to shop for an already built home or build a new one.

Location, price, market trends, and your wish list that includes specific needs and wants are usually factored into a house hunt. They help you to weigh the pros and cons of building a house so you can decide if you want to go to all that effort or if you’d rather buy an existing home.

With so many factors to consider and decisions to be made, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both sides.

In a seller’s market, it’s reasonable to consider building your own house, rather than buying a home. That said, if time is a factor, you may be better off holding out for a current house.

Other than this, let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of both sides;


  1. Customization:  The main benefit is that you have a considerably higher chance of obtaining your desired results. Many people choose to build instead than buy because of just this point alone. When you construct a home from the ground up, you can alter every aspect of it to suit your preferences and way of life, including the layout, the cabinets and floors, the sinks, the lighting, and the doorknobs.
  2. Less maintenance:  You probably won’t have to worry about major repairs or maintenance issues for the first few years, as new homes must adhere to current building codes and have cutting-edge technology. That means no leaky roofs or failing HVAC systems for you! Since you are the first owner of the home, you get to start over with everything brand new and don’t have to worry about discovering the previous owner’s subpar do-it-yourself fixes.

On the flip side, the disadvantages of building a home are;

  1. More effort and time: Building a home takes a lot longer than just purchasing a house and moving in. To build the house of your dreams, you’ll need to collaborate with a wide range of people and make many decisions. Within your budget, you’ll have to purchase land, decide on a home design, and pick out flooring, fixtures, cabinets, countertops, interior trim, exterior trim, and on and on.

However, as stressful as this can be, you’ll end up with the home of your dreams.

2. Hidden Costs: Upgrades and unanticipated costs may or may not be folded into your contract price, but they can significantly increase the cost of your new home. You should always plan and set aside money in your budget to cover unforeseen costs with cash.



  1. Quicker move-in: Compared to building a home from scratch, buying an existing property allows you to schedule your move-in date far earlier.
  2. Potential negotiating strength: You might be able to use data to negotiate for a suitable price. For instance, if a house you want has been listed for longer than 30 days, the seller could be ready to negotiate a lower price, or if a similar nearby property is listed for less money, you can use it as evidence for a lower offer.


  1. Compromises: The chances of finding your dream home, in reality, are slim, so you’ll need to be prepared to make concessions when you locate a property in your budget range, such as having one fewer bedroom.
  2. Being stuck with the layout: You can be stuck with the layout or floor plan of an already built house.

The best approach to determine whether you should purchase or construct a home is to discuss your options with a knowledgeable real estate agent. They’ll be aware of where to look for the best bargains in established neighborhoods or in developing areas. And they’ll assist you in determining if building a house or purchasing an existing one will best meet your needs.

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