Benefits of Buying Off Plan Property

September 19, 2022by Sterling Homes0

High returns and capital growth are essential qualities to seek when investing in real estate, and both may be readily attained when buying off-plan. Off-plan developments are currently seeing some of their highest sales levels. This trend is only growing due to the opportunity to negotiate fantastic discounts before or during the building process.

When compared to pre-built buy-to-let property, buying off-plan has a somewhat different purchase procedure; nonetheless, once familiarized with the overall process and the added benefits, you can find an off-plan property to be an exceptionally viable investment alternative.

Buying off-plan has several advantages, and the following are a few of the most significant ones:

Purchase costs are considerably below average

The possibility of securing the acquisition at a lower price than market value is one of the key benefits of purchasing property off-plan. This occurs frequently as a result of developers wishing to sell a particular number of units before marketing the development or demonstrating a certain level of sales. As an added incentive, some developers sometimes provide further discounts to investors who buy many properties at once.

Strong capital growth is possible

Property buyers who make off-plan purchases profit mostly from rising home prices. If a property is bought in 2015 but won’t be finished until 2017, when it is eventually constructed, the buyer will have seen their property’s worth increase each year. This can significantly increase the value of a house, particularly if it was initially purchased at a discount.

Possibility of reselling at a profit before finishing

Investors can decide to put their property up for sale and sell at a higher market value because it is very likely that your property will increase in value before completion. Although this can be a viable approach for investors seeking to turn a profit quickly, renting out the property and receiving regular rental income in addition to capital growth would provide you with considerably greater capital growth benefits.

Staged payments and small deposits

Some off-plan offers come with the bonus of tiered payments, depending on the developer and the home. These payments allow investors to buy property without making a sizable down payment and can help stretch out the expense of the purchase.

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