5 Important Reasons You Should Not Avoid a Home Inspection

November 26, 2021by Sterling Homes0

Owing a new home fills us with so much excitement that sometimes we tend to overlook some of the most important things; a home inspection. Irrespective of whether you have bought two or three homes in the past you should never miss a home inspection.  Just because of the anticipation to enjoy the new home, we often take the word of the agent or developer and hurriedly make payments. This shouldn’t be so, people often ask questions like, “Is it OK to buy a house without inspection?” or “Is it OK to buy a house without inspection?”. Well, for the buying process to be completed an inspection is very important.

Given the world has gone digital, technology is advancing on a daily basis and you can take a life-like tour to see the property you’re buying through videos and media but then again, there’s nothing like Touching, Feeling, Smelling, Loving, and Inspecting. These human feelings/instincts/emotions, we possess, make us different from virtual technology. There are only limited things technology can show you.

Home inspections are a very necessary part of the home-buying process, it provides an opportunity for a buyer to identify any major issues with a home before purchasing and it can also save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Here are the reasons why we recommend a home inspection before investing in a home.

1. Uncover Safety issues: By going for a home inspection, you can carefully asses and detect safety issues like a faulty electrical system, flooding, bad roofing, bad plumbing, security issues, e.t.c, which all homes should be tested for.  Deciding to skip a property inspection can be said to be gambling with your finances and the outcome, in the long run, would not be pleasing.  So to avoid that, investigate the home you’re going to purchase, it doesn’t matter if it’s a newly built one. Before signing a property purchase contract, make sure it states that should such an issue be detected, you have the option to cancel the offer to buy.

2. Identify and Uncover Structural Issues: The most important part of your home is the structure. Once the structure is faulty the rest of the building is practically useless. Inspecting a home before buying gives you the opportunity to identify if there are structural issues with the property. There are so many developers who fail to adhere to the construction standards. Living in a home with structural issues is very dangerous and should be avoided.

These issues can be very expensive to fix and correct, so to avoid unnecessary issues that can cost you a lot of money. Consider going with an expert engineer who can better detect this issue.

3. It Reveals Vital Information: A good home inspection reveals vital information about the entire condition of a home and its systems. for example, you get to find out about the drainage system, the road and possibly ask neighbors questions about the power supply in the environment. You don’t want to purchase a property in an area with a bad drainage system because when the rainy season comes it will be terrible.

A home inspection also informs the buyer on what it would cost to repair and maintain the home, so after purchase, you won’t cut unawares.

It also gives the buyer the opportunity to decide whether to go on with the purchase or whether to go for another option.

4. Forecast Potential Future Expenses: Knowing the quality of materials used in building a house and when they require replacement will give you an idea of the costs you may have to deal with in the future and can help you make important budgeting decisions.

it will also help you determine what type of home insurance coverage you should consider.

5. Negotiating Tool: As earlier said, going for a home inspection provides you with fully detailed information about any issue with the property you’re interested in.

This gives you an opportunity to negotiate with the seller to either fix the issues or request a price reduction from the seller.

Working with real estate experts will give you a better understanding of how you can negotiate better.

Before you buy a home, one of the things you should do is to have it checked out by a professional home inspector.

A home inspection will cost you a little bit of time and money, but in the long run, you’ll be glad you did it. The inspection can help reveal problems that you may be able to get the current owners to fix before you move in – or it can prevent you from buying a property with endless issues

To avoid the mistake of buying a house that needs major repairs or renovation you shouldn’t skip a home inspection.

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