Searching for a home that is a perfect fit for you and family can be quite stressful, especially if you have a job that requires you to be on site all week. You start to worry about relaxing on the weekend or going house hunting which is not an easy decision to make.

Meanwhile, you can only spend so much time looking for the right home, it might be exciting at first but will eventually get tiring. From house hunting, obtaining the right information about a property you are interested in, to finally making a purchase, it is a lot for one person to handle more so if you don’t have the right knowledge for it.

Some people might even give up on the search. Others employ the service of a property agent to help them find a property.

But, imagine you have a tool that can help you streamline this whole process at the comfort of your home and all you have to do is a final inspection of the property yourself. That will be amazing, right? Then this is for you, read on.

This blog post is written to help you discover online sites and understand how you can use them to simplify all processes involved in buying your dream home.

To fully optimize the use of these sites, you must define these three (2) things before the searching process; checklist and budget.

Property Checklist.

Search is the first step taken by every home buyer to acquire a home of their dreams. Prior to conducting your search, you must have an understanding of what you want in your dream home – structure or environment wise. This will help you filter through property listings that do not match your list and narrow down your search list.


The budget is the amount you intend to buy the property you want. Setting a budget will help you avoid expending excessive cost during the property acquisition process. It ensures that every cost that will be incurred either purchase cost, agent or documentation fee is centered on your budget.

Most importantly, this helps you to avoid choosing properties that can make you financially handicapped after purchase.

Online Sites For Home Buying Search Process

Nigerian Property Center: 

With the acronym NPC is the top real estate and property website in Nigeria. You can find full details of different properties; home, offices, commercial property listed for sales, rent or lease on it. 

This website has over a hundred thousand property listings and they cover over two hundred (200) areas in Nigeria. You can find a property on the website by putting all necessary information that will bring the right result. It is also possible to search for a property on the website by state or locality.

Nigerian Property Market:

This website specially uses geo-mapping features to streamline your ideal home based on the information provided by you. Even more, the website would directly contact the owner of the listed property you are interested in all in a few seconds.

This process makes it easy for you to acquire the right information from the property owner. You can easily move on to the next listing that matches your checklist if you are not satisfied with it.

Property List Hub:

This is an online property listing platform that connects their users to real estate agents, developers and other property sellers. They offer residential and commercial properties for sales.

From the comfort of your home, you can make enquiries and obtain the right information on any listed property of your choice. 


This website provides a list of properties that are available for sales from different real estate companies. You can search for real estate agents on the site and get connected with them. 

The website provides services of real estate agents from over two- hundred and fifty cities in Nigeria.


We understand that house hunting can be a tedious task and although these websites are meant to help you streamline available properties. If you are unable to find a real estate company of your choice on the website, You can also google search them to check their websites for available property.

You can also check out our properties that are available for sales.


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