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Houses are designed to have different structures and sizes during the architectural draw up. Each of these houses offer different functionality depending on how it was built. From bungalows, duplex, detached or semi-detached, penthouse and many others, every house has its own housing use.

When buying a house, it is important to know the one that is the best fit for you as an individual or as a family. There are houses that are meant for a single family living, large family or just for luxurious purposes. Cost might also be a factor that determines the type of house an individual or family is able to afford.

This blog post highlights the common types of house in Nigeria, their structures and functionalities.



A duplex typically has two floors. It is a house structured with each floor side by side or stack over each other. Each floor is a separate unit meant to house different residents.

Each unit of a duplex offers its residents private space with separate living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedrooms and entrance. It is a great choice of home for an individual or family looking for shared space that offers privacy.

In geology, a duplex is referred t o as ‘ stacks of thrust-bounded rock bodies, which are bounded by roof and floor thrust’.



Bungalow is derived from the Hindi word ‘ a house in Bengali style’. It is a single story house with a low roof surrounded by a veranda.

A bungalow structure offers easy mobility, privacy and requires low maintenance cost. The single-story layout allows for proper ventilation of the house.

It is the best choice of house for a family with elderly people, it doesn’t have stairs and is easier and safer to get around.



Flat and apartment basically refer to the same type of house structure. While flat is an English term, apartment is the British term. Both terms can be used interchangeably.

It is a house structured with multi stories that have different housing units. Each unit has its own living area, bedroom, kitchen hallway of spacious setting for a comfortable living.

Nowadays, apartments/flats are synonymous with luxurious housing. They have different amenities like health care facilities, recreational centers, parking spaces, drainage and beautiful scenery.

It is a great choice of house for an individual or family that wants luxury and a social environment.



Mansion derived its name from a Latin word ‘mansio’ meaning dwelling place. It is a large housing structure with a luxury, vast and aesthetic feel to it.

The structures are of high roofs, spacious on both indoor and outdoor and expensive architectural designs. A mansion is typically built on acres of land to accommodate multiple living areas and other home functionality features.

The cost of maintaining a mansion is very high and it is best if it is privately owned. Mansions are usually owned by the wealthy and royalty as it has a purpose it serves them especially one with large residence.

However, if you have the fund to acquire and maintain the property, you might consider buying one.



The choice of house depends on individual finance and preference. It is advisable that you consider a house with the size, structure and functionality that is best for you.

The type of house that is fit for a single individual living will be different for that of a family with small or large members. Also, you should consider the cost of acquiring the house, as this also determines the type of house that you will be able to get.


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