How to Make Your Easter Holiday and Weekend Last Longer

March 30, 2024by Sterling Homes0

Isn’t it always the case that weekends seem to fly by in the blink of an eye? I mean, it’s just a mere 2.5 days, for crying out loud! Couldn’t it be any longer? Well, fear not! Check out some tips on how to stretch out your weekends. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

First tip: Reserve your Friday afternoons. Block off your calendar from any meetings or calls after 12 noon on Fridays. Politely decline any non-essential invitations, especially those from your boss.

Second tip: Dedicate at least 2 hours to tackle unfinished top-priority tasks. Clearing out major outstanding tasks from your weekly to-do list is crucial to avoid carrying work over into the weekend. Find a quiet spot to focus and complete these tasks, ensuring you enter the weekend with a clear mind.

Third tip: Allocate 1 hour to tidy up your inbox, particularly addressing any pending emails. Responding to lingering emails now will prevent work-related thoughts from lingering over the weekend, allowing you to fully enjoy your downtime.

Fourth tip: Plan ahead for the following week by writing out your to-do list on Friday. Monday shouldn’t be treated like any other workday; it’s the start of the week and requires clear goals and priorities. Taking the time on Friday to plan ahead will ensure you start Monday with clarity and purpose.

And finally, the fifth tip: Leave the office early! By this point, you’ve wrapped up all tasks for the week and prepared for the next. Leaving work promptly at closing time will make your weekend feel notably longer, setting you up for relaxation and success in the week ahead. You’ve earned it!


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