Guide for Every Homeowner to Prepare For The Rainy Season

October 17, 2022by Sterling Homes0

The smell of fresh rain will transport you to a whole new world. ​The rainy season brings pleasant weather.

At the same time, it is quite advisable to prepare your home for the rainy season so as not to suffer from floods, insects like mosquitoes, or the destruction of household materials.

Here we are sharing 5 ways to prepare your home for the rainy season

Inspect your Roof

A leaking roof is a ticking time bomb as it will let in rainwater during the rainy season in your house. As you walk around your home’s exterior, inspect your roof from the ground, and look for signs of damage, sagging, aging, cracks, and leaks to make sure that it is in good condition. If any issue is found, contact a reputable contractor as soon as possible to avoid moisture leaks inside your home that can weaken your walls or ceilings.

Unclog the Drainage

Clogged drainage is something that none of us would want at any point in time. The best course of action is to periodically inspect the drainage. So if a problem arises, it may be resolved beforehand and prevent other issues. 

Also, the drain mustn’t clog and no debris be accumulated. Make sure the drains are clean and there is no standing water. In stagnant water, mosquitoes can grow and spread a variety of diseases. You might also consider using bleaching solutions to deter rats and eliminate bad odors.

Install Ventilator

To ensure a dry, healthy environment at home, install ventilation. Ventilators help in curbing dampness in highly humid areas of your house.

Protect Doors

Wooden doors have a tendency to swell, due to the increase in the moisture content in the air. One can apply oil on the sides of doors, to avoid this. Another option is to use sandpaper, to scrub the part of the door that gets stuck while closing it. Metal framed doors can get rusted easily due to moisture. An easy way to prevent rusting is to paint your doors regularly.

Check Electrical Cables

Make sure to inspect all of the electrical lines and cables in the house to rule out any exposed wires or cables that may be lying on the floor. Exposed wires are extremely dangerous and can cause electrocution, especially if they come into touch with water from the rain.

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