5 Things To Do Before And After Closing

December 31, 2022by Sterling Homes0

After months of house hunting, declining series of offers, house inspection, and property disclosures you’ve finally purchased your dream home but the journey of purchasing a home doesn’t end on closing day. Below are some steps you should consider before moving in.

1. Plan renovations

It is rare for a buyer to get a place that is move-in ready. After signing the contract and legally purchasing your dream home, it is time to customize or furnish it to your taste.

If the house needs work, do not wait until you’ve closed to engage a professional. Either at your final walkthrough or during a private appointment, get the proper contractors in the house and start collecting bids for necessary work. If possible, have floor sanding, painting or small fix-it work done before you move in. Real estate agents work with all kinds of tradespeople, so they’re often a great resource for referrals. 

2. Set up the utilities

It is wistful to assume that utilities would automatically start working when you move in. The best plan is to make sure all services are connected, check that the heaters, electricity and every other service is connected and running smoothly. This is important to avoid being stuck without power. In cases where you require the service of a painter or a plumber, it is important to check before hand and fix all the errors before moving in.

3. Change the locks

Assume that everyone has a set of keys to your new home. The seller’s real estate agent likely gave copies to their assistant, a painter, a stager or even another agent at some point during the listing period. That’s why the first person you should call after getting the keys is a locksmith.

4. Hire a cleaning crew

There’s nothing worse than showing up with the movers, dozens of boxes and your personal belongings only to discover the seller hasn’t had the place cleaned.

Assume the worst and get a professional cleaning crew in there the minute after closing. Even if the seller did clean, they may have done a poor job. You want to start life in your new home with a clean slate. The bones of the place will be sparkling clean, and you won’t be scrambling to get cleaners in while the home is in a state of unpacking disarray.

5. Have a handyperson, contractor or designer on call

Moving is a strenuous activity that one wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. Things like putting up large frames, placing large rugs, centering the couch in the living room can be exhausting .Therefore, it is important to have a handyperson on call to make moving a smooth process because it involves activities you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

While it may seem like a luxury, investing a few thousands in hiring someone to help with these tasks will save time and potentially relieve you of a giant headache.

Thinking ahead is the way to go

As your closing date draws near, you’re probably exhausted. But taking a little extra time to plan ahead will save you time, money and stress — and make the move into your new home so much more satisfying.

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