5 Things Successful Realtors Do

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Behind every successful real estate company is a successful realtor. And how do you become a successful realtor? It’s not just about the number deals you have closed or the millions of naira you earn. Instead, becoming a genuinely successful realtor requires balancing professional accomplishments with personal wellbeing. Achieving success in the real estate industry doesn’t require deciphering a secret formula. Instead, it all boils down to sticking with a few simple practices, attitudes, and habits every day that can make a lasting impact on your work.

In this article, we will tell you some of the most critical qualities of a successful realtor and how you can work towards acquiring them. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Learning and Researching

Successful realtors are knowledgeable. Real estate is a dynamic industry that keeps on changing; hence, it is important to keep updating yourself.

A real estate career should be a constant process of learning, education and growth. By making it a priority to expand your working knowledge at every chance you get, you’ll prepare yourself for whatever you face in the future.

Realtors must spend a significant amount of time learning about home value by researching comps and current market conditions. However, veteran realtors should spend more time learning to anticipate how home value will be impacted by changes in the industry, economy and local area.

If you’re just starting your career, establishing baseline knowledge can be an intimidating endeavor. For new realtors, working on a team provides a great entry into the industry and access to more clients. However, working with a mentor offers the opportunity for hands-on learning.

Effective Marketing

Successful realtors have one thing in common- effective marketing. Honestly, all your efforts will go to waste without clients availing of your services. So how do you get customers? Today there’s a plethora of marketing channels you can choose from to reach high intent customers.

1. Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful types of marketing today. If you want to achieve online success as a realtor, staying current with social media trends is vital. With over 3.6 billion global users, social media likely houses the majority of your potential clients. Even if you don’t see yourself as a ‘tech-savvy’ person, create an account for the most in-demand social media sites today, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and open countless doors of business opportunities.

2. Paid Advertising

If you have been in the real estate sector for quite a long time now, but your online visibility is still seemingly nonexistent- It’s time for you to do paid advertising. Advertising helps to increase your visibility within your industry, helping you attract customers and partners that can expand your business. As a realtor who is looking to sell a property, advertising can fill your sales funnel and help you get more leads for your sales force to follow up.

3. Email Marketing

Launching an email marketing campaign can be pretty profitable to a realtor when it is done right. As long as you send personalized, relevant content to your email list, you’re going to attract new customers. In addition, email marketing is also a good way to be in contact with your previous clients. You can send follow- up emails to your past customers to encourage them to avail your services again or request feedback or referral.


You can’t go alone if you want to establish a fruitful and fulfilling career as a realtor. Instead, staying connected to a robust network of your fellow real estate agents will help you have an edge in the field. Your network can give you advice, direct you to helpful resources, and even help you land new customers.

Sometimes, you’ll be facing some instances when a buyer or seller isn’t the best to work with, or their price point isn’t up to your standard. Although it’s easy to turn these prospective clients away, you’ll still be missing out on a deal. You can make it easier for yourself by co-listing or co-representing them with other agents, because, after all, 50% is better than nothing. Partnering with agents saves you from dealing with difficult customers while still earning a profit.

Excellent Communication

Good communication is important in all types of business, but in real estate, it’s imperative. A client doesn’t want to work with an agent who is too busy to take the time to listen to them. Realtors need excellent verbal and written skills, you not only need to communicate concisely but to actively listen during conversations, and avoid multitasking. Customers are hungry for details and answers, and if you deliver them, they will remember and refer you. You may prefer to use email to communicate with clients, but your client may prefer a phone call instead. At the start of your client-agent relationship, ask the client their preferred mode of communication: phone, texts, emails, or in-person meetings. Learn what your customers want and then deliver.



Make it a habit to anticipate their needs and do things that’ll make them feel appreciated. Hear their requests out and surprise them with subtle gestures of kindness. Try not just to meet their expectations; go above and beyond instead. Because meaningful customer relationships significantly contribute to a business’s success.

Moreover, clients are more eager to leave glowing online reviews for your business when they experience trust and exceptional customer service. Such customer testimonials are essential for your business growth and success. So again, impart great value to your dear clients.

Aside from having excellent communication skills, you must maintain your integrity at all times. Integrity is the foundation of your character. It enhances all other values and beliefs in which you hold. This goes way beyond your ethical duties prescribed by your real estate association. It is about being honest and taking responsibility.

With that in mind, don’t forget these vital tips on how to become a successful realtor, no matter how far along you are in your career.

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