3 Ways To Grow Your Property Development Business

January 26, 2023by Sterling Homes0

No doubt property is a high return business, but it’s also high risk. It’s an ancient profession that will never go out of demand.

One needs to understand the industry before jumping into its business. Many things that look easy on the outside will surprise you when you get to their implementation. You should have a few resources beforehand if you are to start a property development business.

These tips will help you in growing your property development business:


  1. Review and revise your business plan: Most, if not all businesses start with a business plan but sadly few of them actually go through with it. If you haven’t reviewed your plan for a while, take the time to update it for the year ahead. What do you want your business to achieve in 2023? Consider the resources you will need (including staff), how you will promote your business, legal requirements, the current market and your target customers. Your business plan should develop in line with your new goals to ensure you grow. 


  1. Consider new financing options: Growing a business takes money and many small businesses struggle to come up with the funds they need to grow while maintaining healthy cash flow. If you have your eye on a great development opportunity, be it a property purchase or a renovation project, sourcing for financing from accredited mortgage banks, angel investors, etc is a great way to access funds fast. 


  1. Grow your contact list: Property developers juggle a wide range of responsibilities and you might need input from many different professionals to get the job done. From real estate agents and accountants to landscape architects and project managers, a property developer needs a reliable network of contacts to deliver their project successfully. Whether you’re new to the industry or an established enterprise, growing your contact list is essential if you want your business to thrive. Attend local business events, engage with industry debate online and take care to nurture existing contacts. 

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