3 Important Things to Do Before Moving into Your New House

July 22, 2021by Sterling Homes0

The new home journey usually isn’t an easy, straightforward task. Sometimes it can even be very stressful. Before moving into your new house, there are a couple of big tasks you’ll need to prioritize. If you knock these off your new home checklist, the rest of the process will run smoothly. Planning ahead is definitely a good idea when it comes to moving.

It helps to know a few things ahead of time, including important updates you may want to make to your new house before settling in. Here are three important things to do before moving into your new home:

New Locks

After moving in, you’ll likely want to relax, so you won’t want anyone with a key to come in unannounced. This is why you should change the locks as soon as your name is on the lease. By extension, you may want to have your local locksmiths on your contact list, just in case you can’t get in and there is nobody there to open the door.

Pipes and Plumbing

Another necessity you’ll likely use immediately after moving in is your tap water. Whether you’re washing dishes after your first dinner in the new house, taking a shower in the morning or flushing the toilet, you don’t want any clogging or overflowing after you’ve settled in. That’s why it’s wise to make sure your pipes and pluming are working securely.


Working electricity is crucial no matter where you move. You can’t have family movie night if you can’t turn on the television , and what will you do if you have a lot of food that belongs in the freezer? Not to mention, you can’t call anyone if you can’t charge your phone. Therefore, it’s necessary to have reliable electricity, even if it means you have to upgrade it.

Even if you live alone, it is important o make sure these things are taken care of before you officially settle. So, if you plan on moving into a new home, whether with the family or on your own, be sure that you remember these essentials ahead of time.

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