Why the Kitchen Is the Most Important Room In a Nigerian Home

December 17, 2021by Sterling Homes0

For me and I’m sure for a huge amount of Nigerians, the kitchen is our favorite room and the most important room in our homes. Just imagine if there was nothing like a kitchen, not having a room you can walk into and open up pots and feel good about the aroma of sizzling meals. There are several reasons why I think the kitchen is the most important room in our homes and I have stated them below:

1. Food: The Kitchen is a room that you can’t go a day without entering. It fuels our body, mind, and soul. when you famished and after a long hard day it is the kitchen you go to in search of food. No matter how little your kitchen may be it is where meals are prepared.

2. Today’s kitchen is much more than a kitchen: The kitchen today is no longer just where food is cooked unlike before where we had really tight stuffy kitchens. Today, smart homes have large kitchens where everyone comes together to share jokes laugh, and bond with family members and even guests, this tells that the kitchen is not just solely for cooking.

3. It is the most utilized space in the room: Large kitchens of today make room for multiple functions. These days people don’t make use of the dining rooms they just sit, gist, and hang out in the kitchen. making the kitchen a place the entire family utilizes and enjoys.

4. Good Value: The kitchen is an important space for young ones to learn positive manners and adopt healthy eating habits. It is where children should be taught how to cook so they won’t end up eating unhealthy.

Many new homes embracing the more casual lifestyle are being built without a dining room or formal living area. For those who enjoy entertaining and do so often, even the homes with formal dining and living areas find that the crowd usually gathers in the kitchen. No matter what type of home you live in, no matter how large or small, you will likely agree that no home is complete without a kitchen.


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