Top 7 Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Generate More Sales

April 11, 2023by Sterling Homes0

Real estate marketing is a marketing technique that allows your brand to be known by the public, it helps to build your brand, attract clients, boost sales, and generate more income through real estate deals. 

As a real estate agent, investor or broker, you must have a marketing strategy because this will determine your level of success in the real estate industry. However, marketing in the industry has become competitive, which is why you must remain creative and be more active and involved in the affairs relating to the industry in order to reach out to more clients.

We have compiled top 5 real estate strategies that will help you generate more sales below:

  1. Brand Awareness

It is important to build a brand in the real estate industry. Building a brand is the foundation of your success in the industry, go all out to imprint your brand in the minds of the public as well as prospects, through a reputable logo, outstanding website. Write down your business plans and goals, make sure to get your message across to the target audiences. Build a strong brand that will make you more appealing to people in your target demographic.

2. Social Media

 Maximize the use of social media. This involves a lot more interaction, you do not just post on the internet and fold your arms, interact with your followers, engage their posts.

Respond to questions, offer advice and publish tutorials. Share thoughts and comments and ask others to do the same. Also, produce contents regularly, video tutorials are great marketing tools, blogging is a great idea for marketing. People tend to trust a brand that is more available online than a brand that is hardly present online. Taking advantage of new technologies, posting on Instagram or Facebook will help your brand reach millions of audiences compared to sharing fliers. Your audience is more likely to trust you when you give them the benefits of your knowledge and experience.

3. Quality Photos

Gone are the days of ‘black and white’, low quality pictures, the days when real estate agents would take quick and blurry snaps of properties to list. You need to invest heavily in photographic tools or employ a professional photographer to get a crisp, clear and descriptive image of your properties. What you need is something that will be eye-catching and grab people’s attention as they read through the many listings in their area. Also, you should be able to make retrospective changes to the photos taken as this will make it more attractive. Xara cloud, inshot, retouch, videoleap and capcut are few examples of picture and video editing apps. 

4. Email marketing

Email marketing helps to keep your clients updated and also helps you keep in touch with your clients. You can use email to send out monthly newsletters, share information, and run promotions. Create a sign-up form on your website, this will help you get lists of email addresses. Once the email list is done, send newsletters to your subscribers either on a weekly or daily basis. Always remember to include information about your latest listings and any promotions or discounts you’re running. Email marketing helps you to track how many people are opening and clicking your newsletters and this will help you improve on your contents.

5. SMS Marketing

This may sound archaic, but it is very important and useful in marketing. In 1994, when banner ads started, the click rate was over 80%, now in 2023, the click rate has dropped to 1%. Getting people to click on emails and social media posts is harder in 2023. 

SMS has an average open rate of 97% compared to 20% open rate of emails. 

Take telecom companies as another case study, they utilize SMS marketing and 8 in 10 people will open the SMS. This also serves as a close channel to reach your audience, more like a personal relationship. You can also create a group where you send broadcast messages to every client in the group.

6. Reciprocal Marketing

Brands in your niche may be willing to help you spread the word about your business or real estate brands. You can write to local channels for free publicity. Reach out to high-quality, respectable businesses that may be able to throw some business your way. In return, you could do the same. For example, Interior decoration stores might be willing to partner with you — as they deal with people who are moving all the time. 

7. Referrals

Ensure to do an excellent job for clients in order to get referrals. Answer questions, be big on ethics and integrity, referral is a major way to gain clients. If your services are outstanding and excellent, you will get referred to friends and family by your clients. Normalize asking for referrals, so long you know that your services are topnotch. But if you don’t do it, your competitors will.

Real estate marketing keeps rolling and never stands still and to remain afloat, you have to be creative in your approach to reaching out to potential clients.

 According to a National Association of Realtors research, 92% of buyers start their property search online, underscoring the critical necessity for real estate brokers to have a robust online presence. This simply means that you have to be involved, active, and networking online. Leverage the never ending possibilities of the internet, reach out to prospects through creative contents like tutorials and polls.Ask clients for referrals as the industry is saturated and highly competitive, referrals will help to gain people’s trust. Above all, be big on ethics and integrity.


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