4 Nigerian House Types You Should Know

August 27, 2021by Sterling Homes0

Homes come in such a wide variety of styles that it’s what makes them so interesting to look at and dream about. It’s the Nigerian dream to own your own home, and choosing the perfect home can include choosing the perfect style for you and your family. Some of the styles of homes date back centuries old, and although many of the characteristics of a style of home may stay true to itself, a lot of the inside features are updated to fit today’s technology and standard of living.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new home or you’re just admiring the architecture in your neighbourhood, learn about the different house styles in Nigeria and their defining characteristics 


Much like the apartment and flat, the bungalow is a single-story house. However, they are detached and single-standing rather within a complex. They are small, not expensive to build and easy to  maintain. They can be mostly found on the mainland in Nigeria.


A penthouse is an apartment or unit on the highest floor of an apartment building. They are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features. These types of houses are the largest, the most exclusive and offer the best views in given apartment building.

Duplex (Detached, Semi-detached, Terrace)

A duplex in Nigeria, can either be called detached, terraced or semi-detached. Unlike the Detached house that have their four walls standing alone without sharing any building or structure with another house, Semi detached duplexes is a single family home that shares a single wall with the next house. Terraces are attached to more houses on either side. Detached houses are for the rich, people who like their privacy and for those with larger families. It typically costs more to maintain and own.


A Mansion is a very big luxury home. What actually qualifies a mansion depends on location. It can be found in the highbrow areas in Nigeria. Mansions usually have their own feat of luxury, as seen in homes owned by celebrities, it brings a level of ‘extra’ comfort. 



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