FAQs for Anuoluwapo Layout scheme - Epe

1. Where is Anuoluwapo Layout Scheme located?

Anuoluapo Layout Scheme is located at Igbodu Epe, Lagos state.

2. What are the Landmarks within 3mins to Anuoluwapo Layout Scheme?

• Coral City

• St Augustine University

3. What other payments do I make apart from the payment for the land?

• Survey plan – N80,000

• Legal documentation – N20,000

4. What are the sizes of the plot?

• 150sqm

• 300sqm

• 500sqm

5. What type of title does Anuoluwapo Layout Scheme have?

Anuoluwapo Layout Scheme has a registered survey plan.

6. What do I get at first payment of the land?

An Invoice/ receipt, statement of account, a welcome congratulatory letter, deed of contract, while survey plan, letter of allocation will be provided upon allocation.

7. When can I be allotted my plot(s) in Anuoluwapo Layout Scheme?

After full payment for the land, Survey fee, and Legal Documentation.

8. What happens if I cannot complete payment or default in the payment of monthly subscription?

We do not run a refund policy on either part or full payment.

9. What happens if a bigger or smaller size is allocated to me?

In the case of a lesser plot, a sum equivalent to the size of shortage in meters multiplied by price per square meters will be refunded. And in the case of a bigger size, the sum equivalent to the excess size in meters multiplied by price per square meters will be demanded

10. Is there any encumbrance on the land?

The land is free from every known government acquisition and any adverse claim.

11. Is the road to Anuoluwapo Layout Scheme motor-able even?

Yes, the roads to the Anuoluwapo Layout Scheme are very motorable and accessible.

12. Can I pay a deposit and pay the balance anytime within the duration of tenure chosen, e.g one year?

After the payment of initial deposit, you are expected to pay the balance monthly, non-payment monthly as at when due will be treated as a fundamental breach of contract and thereby attract penalty Sum equal to 10% of the sum or any aggregate thereof in addition to the outstanding payment(s) or result to termination/revocation of the contract.

13. Sterling Homes Limited charge interest on the balance of payment?

No, the transaction is interest free, however default attract interest.

14. How can I make payment?

Sterling Homes Limited has current Accounts with major banks in Nigeria. Pay into any of the accounts below:

GTBANK 0007907697 058152120
ACCESS BANK 0035075880 044152286
STERLING BANK 0009826608 232150126
UBA 1017995527 033152970

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