Adequate shelter has always been one of man’s predominate need; it is a significant component for human survival and a useful barometer for gauging society development. As a unit of the environment, it has a profound and direct influence on the efficiency, general well-being, social behavior, satisfaction and productivity of the individual and the entire nation.

The available statistics show that 87% of the household population in Nigeria live in rented apartments, while the housing demand is estimated to be approximately 18million and most of the existing accommodations are provided by private landlords, and tenants have to pay rent as high as 50-70% of their hard-earned monthly income.

Housing deficit in Nigeria

  1993 98million          8million
  2007           143million          12-14million
  2010           156million          16million
  2011           160million          17million
  2012           167million          18million
  2014           170million          18million(+)

FEDERAL HOUSING AUTHORITY builds 30,000 Housing unit between 1973-2006 (33yrs) Nationwide

From past years that the housing deficit in Nigeria is on a daily increase (as shown above), this problem to be borne by the government isn’t and it’s the major reason why Sterling Homes Ltd is in existence. We are Real estate development and management firm aimed at providing a means through which Nigerians (both at home and the Diaspora) can become their own landlords within a short period of time.

Sterling Homes Ltd’s installment payment option at zero interest initiative borne out of passion for housing solution makes it more interesting for everyone to be involved in respective of your class, culture or background. You too can stop paying rent and stay in a home of your choice.