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Sterling Homes Ltd places the creation of affordable housing for low to moderate income families at the heart of its mission. The company’s housing development division is experiencing a period of high growth and increasing success in moving forward quality development.

The division places a high value on developing quality designs that add value to the communities in which they are located. Sterling Homes Ltd is highly selective about the architects and designers with which we work as we strive to be ever-sensitive to the needs and desires of our neighbours.

The Methodology
The method involved in the development of a HOUSING ESTATE is all encompassing as it includes the acquisition of a large expanse of land. The said acquisition is done to the utmost level of securing same through the government agencies involved in a particular state. Completing the acquisition, site clearing and layout into plots is done after which leveling is carried out. Having done these, the design team and cost estimators carry out preliminary design and budget for the different types of houses that will be within the estate.

The budget which will be within the reach of the anticipated buyers (i.e Civil Servants) of the houses. Upon The approval, the infrastructures for the estate begin while pre-qualification and registration of building contractors to be engaged as partners are done. Following the registration and final preparation of the contract documents, funds are sourced, disbursed and construction work commences, supervised and finished within stipulated period.

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