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Foundation Philosophy

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Foundation Philosophy

The Nigeria Federal Housing Authority (FHA) since it’s inception about 40 years ago built only 37,000 houses, this is an average of less than 1,000 house per annum while the housing deficit is estimated to be 18million. Nigeria population would hit 289million in 2050 as against 167million as at last count while current home ownership rate is estimated to 10% compared to 68% in US and 92% in Singapore. All effort of both Federal and State Government geared towards addressing this problem have proved grossly inadequate.

The effort of majority of Real Estate private sector player is like a drop in the ocean and has been unable to alter the ugly picture. This in part can be attributed to the profit maximization of these establishment.

Our Foundation Philosophy is therefore borne out of compelling need to think outside the box if this country must experience any form of improvement in the current state of housing provision across the states. We as Sterling Homes Ltd has been saddle with this responsibility and armed with appropriate technical know-how and expertise to address and arrest this situation by providing affordable housing solution.

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